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May, 2015

How Age Affects Team Placement

The age grouping soccer clubs use can be a bit confusing for even experienced coaches.

You can think of the U as standing for Under, so a U10 team in the Fall season is mostly 9 year olds and some 10 year olds. Younger players, say in the U9 or U8 age group can play on a U10 team but a U10 aged player may not play on a team of U9 aged players and still be called a U9 team. Because of the older player, the team would be a U10 team.

All of our soccer age groups are defined by Soccer Year of Play (YOP).

The soccer YOP begins on August 1 and ends the following July 31st.

(Note: It does NOT coincide with school cutoff dates, which vary throughout the state and throughout the country.)

Although the Age Group (Uxx designation) changes from year to year, the YOP does not.

The ā€™Uā€™ designation begins in the Fall and carries through the following Spring season. So, for example, if your child is a U10 (9 yrs old) to start in the fall, turns 10 in November, he or she is still a U10 in the spring.

This chart will help to determine what team age group your child will be in the Fall of 2015: